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Temperature Control Kettle

Hot KettleThe Cost of Boiling Water

Have you considered how much energy it takes to boil water? Well it’s a lot. And most of the time we actually need hot water not boiling water. So we’re wasting energy which has an environmental impact and not forgetting that energy, as you know, does not come cheap.

Well the good news is that there’s a solution to this problem. Out goes the humble electric kettle in comes an electric kettle with temperature control built in.

This quite simple idea allows you to set the temperature you’d like the water to reach. Takes out any guess work and you know exactly what temperature the water is at when you come to use it. The thermometer kettles as shown here variable temperature kettles for Christmas feature a setting that not only sets the temperature you desire but also has the capability to keep the water at that temperature for a short time. Usually for a maximum of between 15 and 30 minutes.

Cup of Green TeaCup of CoffeeSetting a Lower Temperature is Ideal

So why would you need water at a set temperature, why not just boil it? Well as we said earlier, there’s the cost. More energy is used to take water through the last 50 degrees compared to the first 50 degrees. This means boiling water is like pushing a car up a hill the slope of the hill gets steeper as you reach the top. So it’s easy to push it lower down than it is near the top.

One of the major uses of a kettle is to make hot drinks and it used to be thought that instant coffee, teas and hot fruit teas, just need boiling water to make them and let them brew. The Perfect Cup of Tea

But sadly this is not the case. Any subtly flavors or medicinal benefits from the tea are lost. instant coffees are similarly spoiled by adding boiling water and this affects the taste. The perfect cup of instant Coffee.

Ideal Gift for Tea Drinkers

So an inexpensive temperature control kettle will put you in control, save you money and deliver better flavored hot drinks. They also make an ideal Christmas gift to anyone that likes tea.