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8 Person Tents

8 man tentBig Tents

What are the benefits off buying a large tent? The obvious one is space. Our recommendation is that for a party of two a tent for four is ideal. A part of four then go for a tent for six.

You can see the pattern here, you get a tent that’s bigger by a factor of two.

As your party gets bigger, so the extra space needed, increases. So for a party of five go to an eight man tent (you can find some good ones here- best 8 person tent).

An eight man tent for a party of six becomes a bit of a squeeze. Of course if you have young children then that’s not a problem. But remember children grow and the space will soon go.

small tentSmall Tents

Ramblers and walkers have different requirements. Bigger tents tend to be heavy and when your walking, you carry everything with you. One of the easy compromises to make is the tent. What you want is a basic, functional tent that allows you and maybe one other to crawl inside.

The emphasis here is on portability and quick assembly and quick takedown. Equally important is compactness and modern designs and materials allow small tents to be folded into incredibly small spaces, about the surface area of a dinner plate.

Smallist TentGoing Shopping

Tents come at many different price points and the choice available becomes bewildering at times. But you must stay focused and note down what your main requisites are. Then go shopping.

Decide if the tent is for hiking or for a more static, family your vacation. A tent’s main function is to keep you dry and out of the wind. Some do this better than others.

Your tent wants to be watertight but also able to breathe. Modern materials are weaved in a way that allows air to pass through but prevents the bigger water molecules from getting in.

A tent sheet with a lip and waterproof zip outs also a wise choice. You want to prevent water running into your tent.

This site goes into more details of the various types of tent on the market.