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Wireless Chargers for the iphone

small Nissan SUVCompact SUV

My husband just bought me a Nissan Rogue. A pretty little SUV that suites me perfectly. I use it to drop the children at school and for my short commute to my office.

It’s great for shopping too, the big space at the back has plenty of room my my weekly trips to the mall and back.

Last week, I gave my husband, Tom, a ride to his to his brother’s house, they were going fishing together for the weekend. It was his first ride in the Rogue. Nissan’s Rogue

Tom put his cell phone in the central compartment on the dash. As he did that the compartment glowed. “What’s that I asked?”, “it’s a wireless charger”, he said, “and it’s charging my phone”.

I didn’t know the Rogue came with a wireless charger, now I can charge my phone as well. “No you can’t”, he said. “You’ve got an iPhone and iPhones can’t charge wirelessly”.

That’s really bad, I hate having to find a cable to charge my phone in the car. Usually when my phone is low on charge, that’s when I can’t find a charger. And with teenage children, not having charging cables happens a lot, no matter how many you buy.

iphoneWireless Charger

However, I’ve done some research and it’s very easy to convert an iPhone so that it changes wirelessly. No taking the phone apart, it just plugs in. You can find them here.

However, I digress, so back to the Nissan. It’s not as big as the big 4x4s in our town but I don’t need to go off road and I don’t hunt deer. So this compact SUV is perfect to park, has low gas consumption and looks great.

I just waiting for my iPhone wireless charger to arrive and then my new car will be per…fect

Lots of details about how wireless cheging works can be found Here